Hello! My name is Caroline. I’m a typical busy mum of 3 youngsters, juggling life between kids, home, work, elderly parents and two new puppies! The standard Sandwich Generation-er!

In my 20’s I adopted the usual ‘work hard play hard’ mantra in Ireland, Australia & London. I don’t regret any of it, not a bit, but oh if I knew the battering I was giving my body back then!!

My 30’s were consumed by various stressful country & house moves, and creating our wonderful little family. Three kids under 4 years, that was a mad period, a very hazy part of my life! I put myself ‘on hold’, literally throwing myself into fully looking after the kiddies & settling back home to Dublin after being away 13years. Nothing unusual for a mother to neglect her diet, body, mind and spirit, and put herself last in the pecking order.

Now thankfully in my 40’s I can start to re-focus on myself. I was always interested in nutrition but never had much time to focus on it. More like nutrition-on-the-go! After feeling crap for years, I opted for a gluten free diet, and cut back on my dairy consumption – over 4 years ago and decades of bad bloating, sluggish digestion, low energy & problematic skin are finally behind me.

Wanting to find out more I had the wonderful opportunity to undertake a BTEC Advanced Diploma in Nutrition & Health with the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health (IINH), graduating in June 2018. I also sat the QQI exam in Nutrition gaining a Distinction. What was lovely was understanding how we can support our body & mind with optimal nutrition to become the best version of ourselves for life. This is not about diet or restrictions. This is about opening up to a huge range of fantastic nutritious foods we can discover & really feel their benefits. I also studied Mindfulness and how this state of self-care and well-being go hand in hand with nutrition. Optimal nutrition, a great lifestyle balance, and nurturing the self all are equally important in delivering maximum health. My whole immediate & extended family are benefiting from my knowledge & guidance, and I’m confident that my children will make the best food choices for themselves as and when they are old enough.

The people I have helped to date have had amazing results, some surprisingly quite quickly, even after decades and decades of problems. The body never ceases to amaze me at how quickly it can be ‘re-set’ and heal itself when you take responsibility for your own health.
Everybody is unique, everybody needs an individual, realistic, tailored approach for life long changes.
You are worth it, the best present you can give yourself is your health.

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