I had a sugar addiction for many years, but did nothing about it, until my health started to rapidly deteriorate, and then I knew I needed to change. Through Caroline’s excellent guidance & understanding, she helped me to realise I had an unhealthy relationship with food & that I needed to make some quite simple but important changes to my diet & lifestyle. The critical issue for me was my sugar intake and dependency on it & how it affected my mood, my digestive system & in turn my general health & wellbeing.With Caroline’s gentle guidance & focused conversations around my food diaries, we clearly identified key areas & priorities to start working on. We came up with clear goals to start introducing some initial, small changes to my diet which reaped pretty much immediate results. Spurred on & motivated by those positive results, we examined new recipes & new food types to add to & explore in my diet to aid me in the problem areas identified. This enabled me to view food differently & changed my mind set about what my go-to foods would be in future & how important it is to make good choices about what we put into our bodies. In addition, we also explored the idea of mindfulness and taking time to digest our food which has been transformative for me. The tools she taught me have also helped me in moments of anxiety. It has been hugely beneficial to my general health & wellbeing.

Throughout this process, Caroline has been so patient, equipping me with the tools needed to keep me on this healthy path & gently moving me on even when things were tough. I am so grateful to her for hearing me, sharing all her advice, tools and recipes & most importantly for putting me on the road to making healthier choices around food & lifestyle.

Lisa 38, Shankhill, Dublin

I had a chronic auto-immune condition for many years that would flare up now and then. The trouble was it was flaring up more and more often and I was beginning to think this was going to be a permanent part of my life until I got speaking with Caroline.We decided to work together & Caroline really took the time to understand the history of my condition, my food diary, my lifestyle and my work/ life balance. I had not realised there was anything I could do to control my situation until that point and that there were many ‘triggers’ in my life that were having a negative effect on me and feeding my autoimmune condition. I felt empowered to put myself in the driver’s seat at last and not feel controlled by my condition.

My medication has reduced and I feel I am getting better and better all the time. There were many things in my life I needed to address, not just nutrition-wise, and it was eye-opening focussing on myself for a change. I would recommend Caroline to anyone looking to live a healthier, more balanced life; the ultimate gift to oneself.

Katy, 45, Co. Dublin

I had many food related issues and symptoms when I met with Caroline. The truth was I had been suffering for 3 decades as most food seemed to react with me and left me with terrible symptoms. As the years went on I found myself eating the same couple of things over and over as I didn’t have the nerve to try anything else. I was also suffering from fatigue and had a constant morning congestion and poor sleep. I was constantly hungry too and never felt I could get on top of my appetite and was reaching for the wrong things just to fill up, which in turn exacerbated my symptoms. Caroline looked at my food diary in detail and provided me with some easy to follow dietary recommendations as well as lifestyle. I could not believe how well I felt so quickly. I felt I was finally back in control and had a framework to follow. My energy levels have never been better I feel great finally after all those years. Caroline helped me to navigate my way through and make realistic changes I can keep for life.
Declan, 46, Co. Wicklow

I had been suffering a lot with skin issues for a long time & was unhappy with the doctors response of steroid after steroid cream. A friend of mine recommended me to talk to Caroline Swords. Although living in the UK, this did not pose a problem as we communicated by Skype and it made no difference to the level of attention and support I received from Caroline. Upon detailed discussions with Caroline, her recommendations detailed optimal nutrition to support my adrenal glands and liver. Not only was diet recommended, but also was many factors about my lifestyle and wellbeing. I took them all on board and have made lifelong positive changes. My skin condition is finally under control once I continue to look after myself. Caroline educated me on how to be at my best and was there to motivate and encourage me throughout the invaluable process. I would have no hesitation in recommending Caroline.Bernadette, 48, Surrey UK

Caroline’s approach is completely holistic, she took account of my nutritional needs as well lifestyle issues which could be affecting my overall health.I was suffering from insomnia and low energy as well as other health issues including stomach cramping, bloating and hormonal imbalances. I am very grateful to Caroline for listening to me and then returning with sound advice, a wealth of knowledge and real enthusiasm which helped to kickstart me into a healthier and more balanced life. The advice and the changes I made in my diet, exercise and stress management were introduced in a manageable way and are things I will stick with for life.

I highly recommend Caroline; she is both supportive and nurturing and I now have more energy and feel better in myself then I have in a long time.

Sinead, 48, Monkstown

I met with Caroline In March 2018.At this time, I had no energy, was drained mentally and physically and although I had small amount of exercise every day – I was exhausted.

When I met Caroline, I mentioned that I wanted to lose weight too, I had battled my weight for decades in between four pregnancies. Caroline suggested we would first focus on foods that gave energy as this was my primary goal. Dragging myself around daily was taking its toll. I also found out while talking to Caroline I was addicted to sugar as a lot of food I ate had sugar content in this.

Caroline also suggested a blood test – for the tiredness – to see what I was lacking in. This blood test discovered that I had an underactive thyroid!! I had never considered I had a thyroid issue, but Caroline suspected this based my symptoms. Caroline then did a comprehensive meal plan for me which Included foods to help support the thyroid.

I have learnt so much from her – with handouts, meal plans, shopping tips and mindfulness techniques which I realise now are so important – I have brought these new habits into my life now – It’s not an easy fix but a life style change. Each person is different but Caroline has tailored a plan individually for me.

I have so much energy now to work, and look after elderly parents, and also a busy social life. I eat fish three times a week, drink my water and lemon – the weight has been slowly coming off but I feel great. It’s something you have to work on every day. Anybody who has a consultation with Caroline will come away with knowledge and an individualized plan suitable for your needs on your pathway to a new lifestyle.

Cora, 56, Dublin 16

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