• Investigate your current store cupboard products/ weekly menus
  • Crowd out the bad/ replace with a healthier option
  • Provide shopping lists for store cupboard essentials for soups, salads & healthy snacks
  • Provide shopping lists based on your individual consultation
  • Accompany you on shopping trips, educate on labels and provide recommendations on best products
  • Build invaluable habits for you to adopt for life!


  • Whether an accomplished cook looking for healthy alternatives, or starting from scratch, cooking together can be a great way to learn how to nourish yourself with the best ingredients
  • I am not a trained chef, but I am a qualified ‘foodie’ and I love cooking and trying out new things
  • Fun, interactive and hands on
  • Easy recipes with few ingredients for simplicity
  • Batch cooking for busy households
  • Depending on your requirements I can cover delicious home-made breakfasts, lunches, dinners, healthy snacks & smoothies
  • Cooking sessions are very practical and motivational and great fun

Nutrition education without cooking is like driving lessons without a car

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