Don’t fall off the wagon!
January 21, 2020

Think about it – what is the wagon and do you have a wagon?!!!

My approach to health and nutrition is adoption of positive healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. In other words, get yourself in a position for life long changes, as opposed to dieting. There is nothing harder than a diet, monitoring your food intake like a detective and the dreaded scales weigh in, not to mention the inevitable guilt one feels if they ‘fall off the wagon’. Diets create this image of a ‘wagon’, to steer clear of old bad habits, to quit or reform oneself. Everything about this wagon is so negative! Feelings of regret, worry & disappointment are sure to follow; not to mention self-loathing or feelings of helplessness.

I prefer positive, happy thoughts in life! I love food and would only like to ever feel happy about eating, not negative or guilty. That’s why switching to healthier alternatives and re-training your brain is so much more powerful. Instead of steering clear of the ‘bad stuff’ AKA ‘the wagon’, re-assess your relationship with food and enjoy trying new tastes. The great thing about us human beings is that the body craves balance and will heal in a relatively short time once it is fed the right nutrients and fuel. It can forgive us for decades of abuse, which is a small miracle in itself!

Remember – it only takes 20 days for the body to ‘forget’ or crave bad habits. That’s the wagon gone people! And much easier for you to go forth into 2020 feeling like you are in complete control of your food choices. How empowering will that feel? One of my recent clients completely got rid of her sugar addiction in two weeks, after decades. Amazing!! We did this in a very positive way – a transition. Her body is thanking her in return with clear skin, oodles of energy, no more cravings & finally great sleep patterns.

The proverbial wagon doesn’t work – as Oprah Winfrey once said, ‘I didn’t just fall off the wagon. I let the wagon fall on me.’ So, jump straight off that wagon & start striding on the path to positive lifelong habits.

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